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A Tropical Elopement

Posted by Deborah Lindquist on

A Tropical Elopement

“Lets just run off and get married!” Historically an elopement could go like this: A dress stuffed into an overnight bag, a ladder outside the bedroom window, and a cool getaway car. The young couple in love would speed off to get married in a secret ceremony, without permission. It's a story of romantic rebellion and usually not everyone is happy. The least ones being the parents.

Today an elopement is less about romantic rebellion and more about the couple's personal choice. Many factors can affect a couple's choice to choose a small intimate ceremony instead of a big wedding. Ultimately a wedding is about the celebration of the couple's commitment and love for each other, and keeping the focus on just the 2 of them is incredibly romantic.

No matter what kind of elopement ceremony they choose to have, some planning is still involved. The question of what to wear is a major one, and where I come in. I love making a woman look and feel beautiful, and a wedding is the perfect occasion to do just that. My gowns are handmade and unique, and perfect for a non traditional bride.

dahlia gown

dahlia gown couple
Our bride Sage is wearing the Dahlia gown, a one of a kind beaded vintage wool, organic linen and English net 2 piece gown.

dahlia gown couple

Her look is natural and understated, and her colorful bouquet could have easily been picked from one of the tropical flower plantations in Hawaii where these photos were taken.

The location is absolutely stunning. With the hillsides of lush tropical foliage in full display, it is truly nature in its glory. 

dahlia gown, classic car

Nothing else is necessary. Except maybe a cool vintage car.

dahlia gownWith tropical ocean breezes sweeping through windblown hair, a sunset on the horizon, and the road ahead,  it is a wonderful day for a romantic adventure, just the 2 of them.

dahlia gown, classic car

The ceremony is only the beginning. Enjoy the ride.

Many thanks to Absolutely Loved Photography for capturing these stunning images, to our model Sage, to Lisa Frangipani for makeup and hair, and to our location Dillingham Ranch.  

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