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Pop Art Sweaters and Handbags

Posted by Deborah Lindquist on

Pop Art Sweaters and Handbags

pop art blog deborah lindquist

Pop Art Sweaters and Handbags
A talisman for protection, a symbol representing the universe, your current mood, and a medicinal plant leaf are all ingredients in the Pop Art Sweaters Collection for fall/holiday 2015.

During its emergence in the 1950s, Pop Art challenged the dominant views on what art should be by creating art out of current popular culture and daily routine items. Rebellious and inspirational, it captured a historical time in a new way and changed the definition of art.

Today, our daily routine consists of many things. Symbols reflect our lives.
We use emojis to express our “digital” emotion, and use a mandala as a centering tool for meditation. Everywhere we see the “evil eye” talisman for protection against bad energy. Superstition or not, why not err on the safe side? And who hasn’t been privy to the debate on one of the most earth friendly plants, hemp? Naturally pest resistant, sustainable and eco friendly, it is also a powerful medicinal plant.

In the Pop Art Collection, embellished sweaters, accessories and handbags are mixed with color blocked skirts, reversible berets, slouchy hats, and leg warmers.
Photos of Shina Villines by Lisa Whitmore, makeup and hair by Paula Scarpino.

See all the photos in the lookbook

And in the photos below.

pop art blog deborah lindquist


pop art blog deborah lindquist

All looks available on the Sweaters and Accessories Categories.

Stay tuned for more pop art inspiration and styles to come. Happy fall!