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Pattern Play-A Collaboration

Posted by Deborah Lindquist on

Pattern Play-A Collaboration

deborah lindquist

My world is full of collaborations with talented photographers, models, makeup and hair artists these days.
A creative and out-of the-box way to showcase each person’s talent, the outcome is often breathtaking and beyond what I could have planned alone. The shoot created in collaboration with Autumn Stankay of Skysight Photography and her team is in the breathtaking category. We work in an interesting way. Introduced by a friend, she’s in Pittsburgh, I’m in LA. I create a theme with my clothing, send her a box, and she does everything else. We’ve never even met.. What I had to go on to create the looks for the photoshoot created in the historic Thornblade home owned by Anne-Marie Welty were some snapshots of rooms with vintage-looking wallpaper in romantic florals.

When I first moved to LA in 1989, I began designing one of a kind jackets, vests, and pillows from romantic, tropical, and geometric patterned barkcloth curtains. They were a huge hit, and each one was signed and dated. (Eco-friendly fashion before there was a name for it) I still have a small stash of favorite fabrics from those days since I save precious vintage textiles. I unearthed them to put together bustiers for the shoot, mixing them with some of my eco couture reincarnated cashmere sweaters, vintage scarf tops, hemp trousers, and lace, beaded wool, and linen wedding pieces.

The location was incredible and the shoot looks like a fun party with cool girls who love to dress up. Pattern is a huge trend for spring/summer 2014, so the layering of patterned pieces photographed against floral wallpaper and curtain fabric couldn’t be more perfect. All accessories, hats, and set props are by Anne-Marie Welty.

Read my piece on Pattern Play for Huffington Post: While last year was the year of the stripe, spring/summer 2014 has introduced a new trend, the year of the print. Read more here.

See the new lookbook here:

And see Autumn Stankay’s blog here.

I’m also happy to announce my wedding gowns will be at a trunkshow in Pittsburgh on August 15-17 at Glitter & Grit. Appointments are necessary, so call Erin at 412-781-2375 to schedule an appointment.


Glitter& Grit Trunkshow  Juliette Dress

Glitter& Grit Trunkshow
Juliette Dress

Many thanks everyone involved in the shoot:
Photographer: Autumn Stankay, Skysight Photography
Models: Greta Shepardson, Nirvana Crystal, Jacqueline Demario
Makeup and Hair: Jacqueline Demario
Location, props, accessories, Anne-Marie Welty