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Victorian Inspired Weddings

Posted by Deborah Lindquist on

Victorian Inspired Weddings

A modern take on Neo-Impressionist painter Georges Seurat’s “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte” is the setting for the Victorian Inspired Weddings photoshoot. Romantic and feminine, the vintage beaded wool corsets showcased in this collection are one of a kind, paired with silk and hemp/silk bustled skirts for two-piece wedding looks, and accessorized with vintage beaded wool and silk flower headpieces, a steampunk beaded feather neckpiece, and a reincarnated cashmere ruffle sleeved shrug.

My desire was to photograph these gowns in historic Angelino Heights and also with the lotus in nearby Echo Park Lake. Magically the lotus were at their most glorious, in full bloom and standing tall, firmly rooted in the murkiness below. A true sight to behold. Even more incredible is the magnificent Victorian home we were fortunate enough to be allowed to photograph.



Many thanks to photographer Lisa Whitmore who captured these images of model Aly Lovelace (an actual bride-to-be!), makeup artist Paula Scarpino, hair stylist Terah Tidy, and jewelry designer Julia Teachy of Julieri for the gorgeous diamond rings.



The Victorian period (1837-1901) has commonly been thought of as stuffy, prudish, repressive, and chances are, uncomfortable due to the stiff, restrictive whalebone corsets worn by women of the era. My quirky thought is that the prudishness of the time may have been in part created by the simple fact that Queen Victoria couldn’t take a deep breath during her namesake reign… Who knows if she was truly stuffy and prudish, chances are she couldn’t breathe!

Conversely, the period is also incredibly diverse and exciting in that many new and complex cultural, social, scientific, and surely artistic ideas were formulated during the era. How that translates into modern day dressing can be seen in the Steampunk Trend, which is also an inspiration for this collection. See my previous blogs on Steampunk here, and on huffington Post here.

See all the photos in the Victorian Weddings lookbook.

The complexity of design in architecture and costume from the Victorian period showcases artistry in a way that is seldom seen today. I’m so grateful that some of the true majestic artistry of the time has been preserved in the historic homes of Angelino Heights, and am so happy that a Sunday at the park is still possible. With Lotus in bloom. Happy life.
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