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A Bohemian Wedding

Posted by Deborah Lindquist on

A Bohemian Wedding

bohemian weddings

A wedding in the wildflowers is a perfect setting for a bohemian wedding. With majestic mountainside views and a carpet of golden flowers, it appears that nature has pulled together the most serene and romantic eco conscious wedding location on its own. And what could be more simply beautiful than that?

bohemian wedding

bohemian wedding deborah lindquist

bohemian wedding deborah lindquistA bohemian lifestyle has been called unconventional, artistic, musical, literary. This wedding party of cool young people embodies all that. The girls wear one of a kind feminine eco couture vintage beaded wool bustiers and headpieces with vintage lace and organza skirts and pants. The men wear trousers, shirts, and coats designed by designer Maya Reynolds for Clade

bohemian wedding deborah lindquist

The bride carries a simple bouquet of wildflowers and wears the Delila one-shoulder vintage multicolor beaded wool bustier with an organic linen skirt. The full bias cut skirt has a train bordered with English net and chiffon ruffles at the hem. The bridesmaid wears the Cinderella gown, a multicolor beaded empire waist bustier dress with organic linen body. Both wear vintage beaded wool headpieces.

deborah lindquist

Together the wedding party creates an easy, effortless eco conscious wedding set in the wildflowers near sunset on a beautiful mountain landscape. See the story and all the photos in the lookbook.
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Models: Savannah Weddle, Sam Schroeder, Morgen Nielsen, Gabriel Sequoia. Photos by Leonard Monje.
Makeup by Kristi Goslin, Hair by Liz Caraveo and Terah Tidy of Glamifornia. Women’s clothing, gowns, headpieces, styling by Deborah lindquist. Menswear by Clade. A special thanks to Marie Knoos.