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A Balinese Inspired Love Story

Posted by Deborah Lindquist on

A Balinese Inspired Love Story

I love creating wedding gowns and also love telling love stories in photos. I’m interested in how couples meet, fall in love, and get married. The wedding ceremony is of course an important part–as the celebration of their commitment to each other. But it’s their life together, what they love to do, and their personalities that are interesting and carry them through the world as a couple. As I get to know the brides I work with, their personality is always reflected in their choice of what to wear for their wedding. Some prefer something traditional, others less so. The journey to creating the right wedding look is always a creative one.

In my new Love Story, entitled A Balinese Inspired Love Story, two women fall in love amidst the mythological Balinese dieties who inhabit and protect a sacred, enchanted spring fed waterfall. Their love story and wedding ceremony reflect the natural tropical beauty of their surroundings, while incorporating their edgy urban personal style as an integral part of their wedding theme. A theme of opposites perhaps, but in Bali, and surely in our own lives, life is an ongoing dance of maintaining balance…
w stef chris seated

Chris and Stefanie are a couple in real life, which made creating this story even better.The hemp/silk satin Gatsby Mermaid gown in black was a perfect body conscious choice for Stefanie, paired with a beaded crown headpiece inspired by traditional Balinese headpieces. Chris’s hemp/silk blouse, Sonic Fabric middle corset, and hemp/silk trousers reflect her more tailored clothing preferences. Together they make a beautiful couple.

See the whole story in the lookbook here.

Stefanie LaRue and Chris Slivar are the couple who’s love story is told in photos, captured by photographer Chika Okazumi. Makeup by Holly Eve Landfield, Hair by Terah Tidy of Glamifornia, Jewelry by Safia Day, Wedding rings by Julieri, wedding officiant Linda DeLizza. Pillows, place settings, styling, and clothing by Deborah Lindquist.
Many thanks to Brian Gibson for allowing us to use Jalan Jalan Imports as our setting. The Wedding looks can be found in Shop, and the casual lifestyle clothing in our sister site, Green Queen Clothing.

See our featured post on Elle Japan by Chika Okazumi about the legalization of same sex marriage in the US.

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