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The Sweater Savior Project

Posted by Deborah Lindquist on

The Sweater Savior Project

sweater savior deborah lindquist blog

At the top of the new year, many of us make hard decisions about the clothing in our closets. Purging what doesn’t fit, is damaged, or just plain boring is part of our decision making. The sad part is that sometimes a favorite garment appears to be heading toward the rag bag. Often times the piece in question is a moth-eaten cashmere sweater.

A good friend calls me the Sweater Savior. And its true, in fact. I rescue castoff sweaters and reincarnate them into new, eco friendly versions of their former self. And I can reincarnate yours too. Unless, of course, it looks like the red swimsuit in the pinup girl photo..

There are ways of keeping those destructive moths away from your precious cashmere, as you can read about on my blog here

But if your best intentions fail, or if you simply want to redo one or more of your cashmere pieces, the choices are many.

Sustainability and Eco Consciousness is on most people's minds these days. I've been thinking of ways to make it clearer , easier, and even more fun for people to become more sustainable in their wardrobe choices.  I think this is an idea that can be used in a couple of ways. 

Add an applique to a basic pullover,  transform it into a versatile cardigan, accessory, or even a children’s sweater, dog sweater or pillow.

Here are some ideas, all of which can be found in the Sweaters, Accessories, Dog Sweaters, and Home Decorative categories on the shop.

sweater savior deborah lindquist blog


sweater savior deborah lindquist blog

 the sweater savior blog deborah lindquist

By upcycling your own sweater to create a new garment, you'll save 40% off the original listed price of a comparable item using the code Sweater Savior.

The other way of using this program is to recycle your sweaters for a $ credit toward any purchase. I'll give you a $10 credit for each sweater you recycle. Items need to be clean and in fairly good condition. 

Please feel free to email me with any cashmere desires, questions about this program and where to send your sweaters.

Celebrate this new year by giving one or more of your cashmere sweater a new life!  By participating in the Sweater Savior Project, you’ll have something new for yourself, and you’ll also be doing your part to save the planet by reducing waste and landfill.

Simple additions of an appliqué and/or hole repair are also available. 

Contact us with any questions and desires HERE.

Happy 2020 everyone! And as always, “Live Green And Prosper”!